Did you ever try to make someone do something? You probably weren’t successful. That’s because we can’t choose for other people, but no one can choose for us, either. We can choose only for ourselves. People may try to influence us, but they can’t choose for us. We are in control of this.

We make hundreds if not thousands, of choices every day. A millisecond before we have a thought or feeling, we decide to have that thought or feeling. Many times we are not aware, as the decision if often made at a subconscious level. We make choices about everything; what we eat, how we move, what we think or feel and we see the world. Our choices guide our life’s experience, and affect our physical and emotional health as well.

What do you chose when it comes to how you treat your body and when you think and feel? How do you choose to react to situations? Do you choose to be kind and forgiving of your self? We are often our own worse critics and don’t cut ourselves much slack. We often are more forgiving and treat others better than ourselves.

Do you see the glass half empty or full?     Do you expect the best to happen? These are all choices we make. It’s good to occasionally take inventory of what kinds of choices we are making and notice if they are helping us to live a happy, healthy, abundant life or not. I would challenge you to take some quite reflection time and think about the choices you make. Are they serving you? Do you enjoy health, happiness and abundance that are your right?  Life is what it is, but how we react to it, what we think and feel about it, is up to us. It’s a choice!